Friday, April 1, 2011

Disclosure & Disclaimer


I started using coupons when my baby girl was born and I quickly discovered I was saving money on things I could not even imagine I could save. I started sharing my new money saving ways with my friends and they encouraged me to start a blog so they can all keep up. That's my main motivation

Although motivation is not the end of it all. I have to have resources in running this blog. This is the main reason for partnering as an affiliate with Companies.

When you click on links on this blog, few of them may be affiliate links, that is, I get paid a small percentage out of it. Although I would never suggest anything on my blog for financial benefit or to make money out of it. Please be assured that I would post content that serves the benefit of my readers.

Disclaimer Policy
This blog contains links to other websites.  All external links contain content which is not endorsed or controlled by this blog.  All information that you submit on other websites is done so at your own risk.  I encourage you to read the “Privacy Policy” of each website you visit before submitting any information in order to get a free sample or take advantage of a promotion.  I can not make any guarantees that you will receive any of the free samples that you request, because all free sample offers are made by other entities.  I do not mail out free samples myself.
I do not guarantee the accuracy of the information I present simply because it is impossible for me to keep up with over 3,000 posts on a daily basis.  I welcome your feedback and your assistance in updating the information I present.  I will correct any errors as I discover them or as they are brought to my attention.

This policy was last updated April, 2011