Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today's Groupon Deal: Half off Quest Field Tour

Interested in taking a tour of Quest Field?  Today's Groupon deal should interest you.

Pay $7 instead of $14 and you get to see all the following:

The tour first stops in a luxury suite, so participants can pretend to be a 19th-century oilman, before heading to the visitors’ locker room. After hitting the showers, attendees have the opportunity to set foot on the Seahawks’ 120-yard-long playing field. The stadium is known for being the first NFL field to use the next-generation FieldTurf playing surface, as well as the only one whose walls generate crowd-pleasing acoustics that mysteriously turn the sounds of bones crunching into Captain & Tennille hooks. Along the journey, knowledgeable guides will impart a complete understanding of the massive complex, making it intriguing for diehard football fans, tie-dye-dressed soccer fans, and sports tyros who love fact-loaded tours.

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